Whether you are using a luxurious bedroom or living in a small bedroom, the bed and bedsheet material provides comfort when you go to sleep after doing a day-long hard work. If you want to buy any bedsheet, you are in the right place. It is a simple task to select a bedsheet design as several designs are available at Brandsrope to fulfil the customers' needs. Some suggestions are discussed below that help you choose the best bedsheet for your room. Remember one thing: a number of bedsheet brands in Pakistan offer a variety of bedsheet designs to sell to customers interested in online shopping.   

Bedsheet Thread count

The number of horizontal and vertical fibres interlaced per square inch of fabric is known as thread count. It is considered that the higher the number of thread counts makes the fabric more breathable. Higher thread count materials are thought to be softer and weaker with time. The higher thread count material is commonly used in bedsheet designs. Furthermore, thread count contributes to the overall quality of the bedsheet design. Remembering that the quality varies from one fabric to the next is essential. A greater thread count alone does not guarantee the best material. Because many textiles work admirably at lower thread counts. In the meantime, it is advised to choose items with a mark count of between 200-800. To serve our customers better, our team at Brandsrope always tries to find excellent-quality items, as quality is the foundation of customer trust. 

Bedsheet Fabric

Fabric content is usually mentioned in every branded bedsheet. The fabric content shows what material is used while manufacturing the product. It entirely depends on the customers' personal choice regarding what fabric they like and what fabric they don't like. Some information is given below regarding material that may help the customers make buying decisions.       


Cotton material always remains the primary choice of customers for bedsheets. Most of the year, the weather remains dry, so the cotton material resists well in that dry season. Besides that, cotton is a soft, affordable material, so customers like it a lot. At Brandsrope, different bedsheet designs are available that are made of cotton. 


Besides cotton, another material is also popular among customers: polyester. Unlike the wrinkles we see in bed with cotton bedsheets, you may experience wrinkle-free bedsheets in polyester fabric. It is also cheap and affordable for most of the customers.   


Linen is a material widely accepted by customers all over Pakistan, especially those who like online shopping. Linen has been in high demand for innovative bed sheet patterns for quite some time. When it comes to bedsheets, linen has the same prestige as cotton. It is not a luxury but will be helpful to on essential occasions. Purchasing genuine linen, like cotton, is a stretch.


There is always special attention required in exceptional bedrooms on special occasions. It is because silk is considered the second name of special attention. Silk is the most fabulous fabric for setting the mood for love, relaxation, and peace. Meanwhile, silk bedsheet designs are significantly more expensive than standard bedsheets. Buying a bridal bed sheet design is also supposed to be fancy.

Bedsheet designs

Bedsheet design counts a lot when it comes to the sale of bedsheets. There are different bedsheet designs available in the market. Some of them are discussed here.

  • Pattern Floral Bedsheet Design
  • Rose Petal Bed Sheet Design
  • Plain Stripes Bed Sheet Design

Besides bedsheet designs, the bedsheet size also matters a lot, like bedsheets for king-size, queen-size, or single beds.  

As our customers are not only price conscious but also quality freaks. It is because our team at Brandsrope has a strict check on the quality of the products. You may visit Brandsrope without even a second thought about quality.